The Climate Factory is a full service company with focus on the design, installation of horticultural facilities and project and since over 7 years the Official Distributor of the brands Opticlimate and Dimlux in the following countries:

Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switserland, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Hungary, Poland, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal

 We provide full service for larger and smaller scale projects including the delivery of the appropriate products and materials.

This Website is meant to give you all the information and acts as knowledge centre. Once you have any interest in the purchase of either our services or products, you will be guided to the appropriate National website for the country of your interest. And of course, we have a well educated and experienced sales and technical staff to support you with all your questions, requests and whishes.

Being a global market leader in assimilation lighting for the professional horticulture and indoor growing industries. Since we started producting fixtures, a strong emphasis has been placed on innovation and quality.

Dimlux has all the knowledge it needs in house to work with you to design the best possible lighting installations. Our well-equipped laboratory for developing new and improving existing products, along with our own production, ensures the constant high quality of our fixtures.

TCFNutrients is focused on maximizing the chlorophyll grains and does this through a sophisticated coordination of magnesium, iron, calcium and nitrogen in its product line. Everything to achieve the highest possible photosynthesis during the entire cycle and development of the crop.

The innovative OptiClimate system is designed to let you enjoy the ideal indoor climate. The OptiClimate is the only true solution for controlling your indoor climate and has the unique property of being able to simultaneously cool or heat, dehumidify, filter and circulate air.

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